The Process

Order a Custom Table

Whether rustic or modern, clean lines or live edge, Pathway Tables welcomes you to bring your fingerprints to the design process. Our Sales Team and Carpenters will work with you to create the perfect custom table for your home or office.



Wood Type

Selecting the perfect wood for your table is the first step in the custom design process. We have many species from which to choose, all locally sourced, milled on site and then dried in our kiln.

Ambrosia Maple




Our team will work with you to determine the style of table that best fits your budget and personal taste.

Book Match

Epoxy River

Single Slab



Even the edges of your custom table are open to your vision and influence. Whether you are partial to a curved live-edge, a straight live-edge, or a straight cut-edge, our Carpenters can tailor to your request.


We fabricate and construct all of our bases on site. Made from steel, wood, or a mix of both, there are many options from which to choose to complete your custom table. Click here to see and be inspired by more options.

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